Are you an owner of an apartment in a building

where each apartment is owned by another person with the same rights and obligations as you?

We are at your service to help you determine the shared costs and the private expenses. We reconcile the sometimes-divergent opinions of all parties using our experience while remaining neutral.

Our expertise and our professionalism will assist you in the following areas:

  • Organization of the General Assembly and establishing the minutes
  • Ensure implementation of decisions by the General Assembly
  • Execution of administrative decisions
  • Establishing detailed accounting of the Condominium association
  • Division of shared expenses
  • Control of receipts and follow-up
  • Management of bank accounts, expenses, and maintenance fund
  • Requisition of a legal mortgage in case of need
  • Finalization of contracts with insurance companies
  • Employment and oversight of a building supervisor and establishing the job description
  • Oversight of repair work and building operations
  • Take all urgent measures to prevent impending damage/loss
  • Enforce administrative rules and regulations, manage disorderly conduct in the building
  • Advice and reconciliation in cases of litigation between residents

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